I guarantee my standard chain mail against link failure in SCA combat. If any link fails in service, return the
piece (and if possible the failed link) and I will repair or replace it at no additional cost.

I will not provide warranty repair services on titanium chainmail sold after January 1, 2017. While the titanium’s tensile strength and strength to weight ratio are impressive, it’s ductility and fatigue resistance are very poor compared to stainless steel. As chainmail, it just doesn’t handle the repeated poundings of SCA combat very well and there doesn’t seem to be any technological fix. I will continue to provide warranty repairs on titanium mail made before January 1, 2017. Once the current stock of links and preforms is exhausted, I will discontinue titanium production completely. The warranty on stainless steelĀ  mail is unaffected.

I will be going to Viet Nam on September 10 to address some supply chain issues and returning on October 7. Internet access is very limited where I will be so I will not be responding to emails until I return.

Stock Items

Short Stainless Steel Aventail: $210 (Wire Type: Flat) in stock and ready to ship

Long Stainless Steel Aventail: $265 in stock and ready to ship

To place a Special Quantity Discount, please Contact Me.


At Welded Chainmail.com, many of our products are not available for instant online ordering. Why? Well because chainmail generally needs to be sized to each individual, and depending on the sizing adjustments, the cost of the chainmail can vary. The best way to place an order is to contact me, and explain to me what you wish. Once we’ve discussed your order and I have agreed to take it on, I will quote you of the final price of your project for your approval.