Welcome to WeldedChainmail.com, showcasing the chainmail I make.


My chainmail is lighter, better fitted and WAY stronger than anything you can buy from other vendors. Welding increases the strength by a factor of something like 20 over the same links butted. Add to that that I can use the strongest alloys that modern technology can provide (unlike riveted mail).

Please look around my web site and feel free to Contact Me if you have any questions.

Gordon Osterstrom

SCA: Master Knuut Osterstrum, OL, MSCA

May 27, 2024

NO, I’m not dead yet! (and I have every intention of staying that way)

YES, I am still in business!

YES, I am still making chain mail!

YES, I am still taking shirt orders!

YES, I have long aventails in stock!

NO, I do not have short aventails in stock! (demand exceeds production but I am welding 1 or 2 a week)

A severe case of website hackage last year(caused by incompetent website hosting company), and some small business ignoring changes to to Google’s AI/algorithm may have given the impression that I was gone but NOT! I AM still dealing with 2 years lost income due to COVID and having to spend all my working capitol (and then some) getting my supply chain restarted.